U.S. Recruiters Use TalkingCV In Their First Round Interview Process

‘Sales Executives’ is a recruitment agency operating out of Brentwood, Tennessee, USA. They source top sales and management talent from all industries including Industrial, Manufacturing, Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, to name a few. Headed up by Cindy Hazen, who has over 35 years experience in the sales field, the company now offers recruitment services throughout the United States.

In order to minimize their recruitment costs Ms. Hazen decided they needed to find a solution that would allow them to access a Candidate as fully as possible, without the Candidate having to be physically present in their offices – a sort of ’virtual anywhere interview’. A tool was required that would allow Candidates to completeaninterviewintheirowntime,fromanylocation,anywhereintheStates. AsMs.Hazendescribes; “The uniqueness and ability to actually see a candidate present their credentials was what interested us in hearing more about Talking CV”.