Introduction to 3D Studio

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Using the technology that forms the backbone of the TalkingCV product, 3D Studio allows you to configure your own 3 dimensional profiles. Used for any type of publication, including TalkingJob, TalkingHelp and TalkingInduction, these 3D Profiles allow for enhanced publications to be manually produced linking Text, Video and Audio. We provide an environment to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and deliver a consistent message.

Talking Job

TalkingJob can completely change and enhance the way you promote your company to the job seeker.

TalkingJob is an innovative presentation tool that enables the creation of web-based interactive recruitment advertisements.  Each presentation can be easily tailored to an individual position, enriching traditional advertising methods and helping to attract a higher volume of better informed candidates.

  • The TalkingJob multi-media pages can be placed as a link from your job advertisement on any website.
  • The multiple mini-video clips can be used to introduce key stakeholders, corporate values, as well as important goals and objectives.
  • The software offers a unique method of advertising in a competitive marketplace, particularly for those difficult to fill positions.

Key Benefits

  • Improves company or department profile.
  • Attracts a larger volume of high quality candidates.
  • Provides a greater level of information about the role on offer.
  • Re-use of common video clips makes new job advertisements easy to produce.
  • Greatly differentiates your business from the rest.

Talking Induction

TalkingInduction can help an organisation meet legislative requirements from day one. Each presentation can be customised for each element of the induction course, providing an online reference base or training library.

TalkingInduction compliments existing induction programs and can act as a powerful tool to communicate corporate values even before an employee starts..

  • Real time interface to corporate database to confirm employee has undertaken the induction course.
  • Compliments existing induction programme.
  • Can be used as a reference base/training library.
  • Opportunity to personally introduce key personnel and corporate vision.

Key Benefits

  • Meet legislative requirements from day one and supplement existing induction program.
  • Consistent and visual induction to all employees.
  • Powerful tool to communicate corporate values.
  • Interactive web page enables seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Online central storage environment for all induction related materials.

Talking Help

TalkingHelp is used in a similar way to the induction program, but is flexible enough to be used for all types of training requirements.

TalkingHelp files can be stored centrally and tailored to meet individual requirements. Integration with existing systems and databases allows quick and simple development of a complete help environment.

Not only will TalkingHelp guide the end-user through different products / systems, but it can also be linked with the live environment so they can put into practice what they have just learnt.

  • Quick and easy to implement.
  • Enhance existing one-dimensional training manuals.
  • Interactive links to live application for immediate use.

Key Benefits

  • Personalised web-based training tool.
  • Professional result that can be internally produced.
  • Increase the usage of existing web-based systems.
  • Deliver personalised support and advice to your users.