Graduates Get Noticed With TalkingCV

TalkingCV is becoming an essential part of the recruitment process, as not only is it costeffective for recruiters and applicants but the software has become a tool that aids applicants to stand out from other paper CVs received, by using the power of video to sell their talent. Grad Central, a graduate recruitment specialist based in the West Midlands region, have used TalkingCV for six years now as part of their candidate selection.

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Leading Education Recruitment Company Uses TalkingCV to WOW Schools

Innovators of online video CV software TalkingCV, have joined forces with Career Teachers, to provide job-seeking educators with exciting profile-raising opportunities. Established in 2004, Career Teachers is a trusted education recruitment company that specialises in providing teachers and support staff, to schools throughout Greater London. In an increasingly competitive job market, the recruitment company have recognised that a video CV makes their candidates stand out from the crowd, showcasing their charisma, passion and enthusiasm for education. Benefitting from its time and money saving features, the efficient online CV software solutions provided by TalkingCV have had a positive effect at Career Teachers.  

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TalkingCV Celebrate Launch of New Website

Streamlining the recruitment process with their revolutionary interactive solutions, online employment specialists ‘TalkingCV’ are celebrating the launch of their new-look website. Providing businesses with an easy-to-use, low-cost way to undertake first round interviews the dynamic new website from TalkingCV provides employers with a cost-effective, time efficient way to screen local, national or international candidates for advertised roles. “Often hours wasted by managers and personnel staff interviewing inappropriate candidates” says Peter Griffin, Managing Director. “With TalkingCV employers can create a branded account, that provides them with the control they need to create customized, structured interviews”.

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New Video Talent Pool Website Helps Candidates Secure Jobs For FREE

In an increasingly competitive job market it’s a video CV that will make you stand out from the crowd, something innovative recruitment solutions company VideoTalentPool are ensuring is accessible for all. Launching their new-look website this week, interactive recruitment solutions company VideoTalentPool has responded to increased demand for its intelligent software. The website focusses on enabling Candidates to promote themselves to potential Employers with the aid of Video, providing job-seekers with the opportunity to create their own personal 3 dimensional profiles, simply and easily. The clever Video CV’s that can be recorded through the website are the idea of Managing Director Peter Griffin. “VideoTalentPool provides candidates with a free and clever way to get in front of recruiters”. “Using an Internet-enabled PC with webcam or mobile device candidates can create their own Video CV. 

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TalkingCV Goes Dutch

Network4Cars, an international trade supplier of new and used cars, based in Leiderdorp in The Netherlands scoured the Internet to find a solution that could help reduce their recruitment costs. Set up in 2000 when the focus was initially on the sale of new cars to traders in the UK, by 2002 they were supplying cars across Europe and by 2006 the company had expanded globally – today, Network4Cars is spread across four continents. In 2010, despite a world recession, the company found themselves still in a position of constant expansion. The company’s Corporate Recruiter, Niels Jordens, believed there had to be a solution somewhere that could help him in his international search for core personnel.

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TalkingCV Take Care of First Round Interviews For A Major UK National Museum

Lord Cultural Recruitment, a division of the CLR Global Group, was recently awarded the assignment to fill two new roles for a major British national museum based on their international position and worldwide reputation. The museum houses major collections of British and international art, both modern and contemporary, and with expansion in mind they ideally wanted to attract applicants with the strongest conservation background within an international context. The two posts attracted over 70 applicants from specialists in this field from four continents, however the client emphasised that the candidates must also have “people skills”. The personality fit of the candidates was most important to them.

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Southern Cross Hospitals Recruit Medical Talent Using TalkingCV

Southern Cross Hospitals is the largest private hospital network in New Zealand with over 1000 employees providing services to approximately 60,000 patients annually. Southern Cross Hospitals are the largest private surgical-sector employer of registered nurses in the country and were also the first private hospital group to gain approval from the Nursing Council of New Zealand for their ‘Professional Development and Recognition’ program. They also offer Perioperative and Surgical nursing training programs to help develop the theatre and ward nurses of the future and are evidently committed to the sourcing, development and retention of the best staff from an international talent pool. This commitment to sourcing the best candidates, both in New Zealand and internationally, required a solution that would allow those recruiting for Southern Cross Hospitals the opportunity to assess a candidate as fully as possible at the earliest opportunity.

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U.S. Recruiters Use TalkingCV In Their First Round Interview Process

‘Sales Executives’ is a recruitment agency operating out of Brentwood, Tennessee, USA. They source top sales and management talent from all industries including Industrial, Manufacturing, Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, to name a few. Headed up by Cindy Hazen, who has over 35 years experience in the sales field, the company now offers recruitment services throughout the United States. In order to minimize their recruitment costs Ms. Hazen decided they needed to find a solution that would allow them to access a Candidate as fully as possible, without the Candidate having to be physically present in their offices – a sort of ’virtual anywhere interview’. A tool was required that would allow Candidates to completeaninterviewintheirowntime,fromanylocation,anywhereintheStates. AsMs.Hazendescribes; "The uniqueness and ability to actually see a candidate present their credentials was what interested us in hearing more about Talking CV".

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Educators Overseas Use TalkingCV

Educators Overseas, an educator recruiting company based in the U.S.A. provides a service that places qualified, native-English speaking teachers and school administrators into British, American and International schools in non-English speaking countries across the world. Candidates are sourced from America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand before being screened by Educators Overseas staff and included in their database of suitable applicants. Christy Grimste, managing director at Educators Overseas describes the aims of the organisation thus: “We help educators fulfill their dreams of teaching and living abroad and help international schools around the world find the best teaching and administrative candidates for their hiring needs.” The international nature of the Educators Overseas’ operation required an innovative response to the need to provide their clients with the fullest representation of eligible candidates.

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Barnes Roffe LLP Use TalkingCV In Their Graduate Recruitment Drive

Barnes Roffe, a leading Top 50* accounting firm that has been established for over 100 years, decided on a new approach for their Graduate Recruitment drive earlier this year. They invited their applicants to a first-round interview by way of a TalkingCV. The process was simple. TalkingCV is a 3-dimensional tool that combines video, audio and the standard written CV giving a candidate the ability to best portray their skills. In the same way that recruiters conduct first-round interviews each applicant was sent a list of pre-set questions they needed to answer – but instead of staff at Barnes Roffe having to sit through hundreds of 30-45 minute face to face interviews they were able to discern in minutes whether an applicant had the necessary skills for the job.

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Certes Champion Carbon Neutral Recruitment

Certes Computing, the specialist IT staffing organisation, has partnered with to offer its clients and candidates an innovative new web based recruitment service in support of its bid for more environmentally conscious recruitment. Talking CV is a revolutionary 3 Dimensional Personal Profile consisting of video, audio and text. Using an Internet-enabled PC with webcam, candidates are able to record a structured interview – which is structured to suit each client’s role, helping to bring to life a previously one- dimensional text-based CV. This unique service allows clients to dispense with time consuming first stage interviews and helps to dramatically reduce the often extensive travel arrangements surrounding the interviewing process.

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